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Tara teaching Christina and Daisy a duet.  Photography by Kathryn Suellentrop Photography

Tara teaching Christina and Daisy a duet.

Photography by Kathryn Suellentrop Photography


As a dancer, I have tried many ancillary supportive types of exercise. Tara Harrison is one of the finest Pilates instructors I've ever had. She understands body biomechanics as well as the needs of various types of clients. She has helped me increase my strength, posture and safely worked with various injuries sustained outside of Pilates. Her studio is beautiful, intimate and peaceful. In addition to Tara, her staff, with whom I've also worked, is equally well trained and intuitive. I recommend Resilient Fitness unconditionally.

Cheryl Batzer

I started with the instructors at Resilient Fitness and in about 6 months I have noticed an improved difference in my pain management and strength . They are hands down the best Pilates instructors I have ever had as they care about your total wellness and modify a program according to your needs and goals. every session is fulfilling and varied yet focused. I highly recommend Tara and her instructors!

Barrie Markowitz

I've been exercising for many years and have experienced working with a number of exercise instructors. There is no question in my mind that Tara Harrison is one of the finest I have had the privilege of working with. I find her a pleasure to work with & the result has been consistently superb. I would recommend her without reservation for any form of exercise instruction from Pilates to Gyrotonics or simply one's daily workout. My body has benefited greatly from our work together over the years and has remained injury free. I cannot endorse her highly enough and continue to choose her above all others.

Ms. S Allen


I have severe scoliosis . Never before have I had anyone help me to relieve my pain . Tara has targeted the very crucial areas through Gyrotonic, that have never been touched by any one trainer I had ever been to. Her knowledge of scoliosis is amazing. I look forward to each session, I am having a new outlook on my life....most people had given up trying to help this horrific pain, not Tara.

Joanna Green


I have been training Pilates with Tara for over 5 years. Not only has she made me progress from a beginner to a super-advanced level (her terms!), but Tara also took an important place in how I like to define my lifestyle today. While she knows how to  reinforce your body strength and balance, she also carefully adjusts her sessions to your chronic injuries or stresses. Tara makes you work hard in a very relaxing way! Be careful: Tara is addictive!!


I have studied with Tara for over a year but have had the pleasure of knowing her for much longer. As a twenty year devotee of pilates, I am very particular and critical of my instructors, and I can say, without reservation, Tara is among the best I have experienced. Aside from her expertise she is also delightful, warm and yet demanding of her students. The studio is well equipped, beautiful, serene, clean and run in a professional manner.


My Tara: I can't live without her!


I have been a taking private lessons from Tara for about two years. She has been the best Pilates trainer that I have worked with. She is incredibly observant about watching you carefully and knows the things that you need to do differently. She is very body aware and has helped weave in some rehab exercises for my torn Achilles into the overall Pilates program. I would recommend her highly.



It's a small class (3 people) which is great! Tara is super friendly and is constantly correcting form. Five out of five stars!Great pace, fun and challenging... Very positive and gave me great corrections so I know what to work on and how to do everything properly!A Challenging workout, lots of fun, carefully and safely conducted by Tara, this class is wonderful for those who have experience on the reformer. It's a great a workout, an intimate class with such a great vibes in a lovely new studio.Fantastic studio space - chicest on UES. Friendly, welcoming and precise instruction.

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